About Us

Every day of every week of every month of every year, emergency services and hospitals deal with accidents, allergic reactions, heart conditions, The list is long and varied.

To save lives, they need information, quickly.

We have been and are part of the emergency services in New South Wales with a combined average of over 60 years’ experience involved in motor vehicle accidents, structure/bush fires, assisting search and rescue and medical emergencies, involving professionals and volunteers alike.

Information has been with us our entire lives. Identification became an addition to that when we became teenagers – drivers licence, different identification for specific employers, credit cards.

But what about when something unexpected happens, when something is life threatening or when an elderly person with Alzheimer’s wonders off.

As youths, my friends and I carried around “Medico” cards in our dirt bike helmets’ with Next of Kin details, just in case – because it kept Mum off our backs. Today its different – an awful lot busier on roads, skate parks footpaths, shopping centres and the dead-end streets are no longer quiet places.

But what about adventure seekers, dirt bike riders, “grey nomads”, bush-walkers, road bike riders, Mum’s and Dad’s, our children, our elderly parents on scooters or on their own ? Lone workers, road crews, factory workers, truck drivers, couriers, taxi’s, etc.

All these people could benefit if something goes wrong through accident or health with one these USB’s.

We supply a range of devices that could benefit many in event of an emergency situation occurring. These USB devices carry information that YOU want to give emergency services, the best information – name, next of kin, allergies, medicines. We have included prompting questions that you change, via a personal computer. We are currently working on the technology with our suppliers to achieve this via iOS devices, not just Android.

They are compact in size, readily identifiable and with carefully chosen positioning of the included vinyl stickers, you or your loved one have the best chance of supplying relative information to emergency services.